How Did The Sussi Report Begin?

Tom Sussi worked most of his adult life in LameStream. Tom began his reporting career in radio, switched to newspaper and eventually worked nearly 30 years on television with stops in Flint, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Columbus.

During the course of his career, LameStream media honored Tom with dozens of awards which Tom confesses,

these days, mean absolutely nothing to him.

In 2019, frustrated with the direction of LameStream media and unable to produce Real, Raw, Relevant reports, Tom quit LameStream media, and in September of 2020, started The Sussi Report. Today, it’s recognized as Central Ohio’s only credible and professional alternative source to LameStream media

LameStream Media With All Of

Its "Breaking News"

Is Busted!

It’s a monopolized, corporatized, politicized industry that cowers to Gen Woke and Cancel Culture kooks.

The Sussi Report is beholden only to the people and cowers to no one.

We are Real, Raw and Relevant.