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ABC 6's Big Investigation Is Old News

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

NOTE: ABC 6 is promoting an "investigation" that it's airing Monday about the house where former Columbus Division of Police officer Adam Coy shot and killed Andre Hill last December. ABC 6 touts that its investigative reporter "spent months digging into why police were called to the house and uncovered what officers discovered when they started looking closer at two people who once lived here." I first reported this story last January on The Sussi Report. The woman who lived there, according to my sources, is a prostitute and the former "girlfriend" of the man who owned the house, a former Ohio State University men's swimming coach. Here is my report from January 2021.

Let us begin the New Year by dissecting a story that has grabbed national headlines for the past week or so. I am referring to former Columbus Division of Police Officer Adam Coy shooting to death Andre Hill.

We know Andre Hill is black, did not have a criminal record, and did not possess a

Andre Hill

weapon at the time of the shooting on December 22, 2020. We know Andre Hill knew the people who owned the house at 1062 Oberlin Dr., where the shooting occurred. It’s also been reported that moments following the shooting, an unnamed woman rushed out of the house and yelled, “He was bringing me Christmas money. He didn’t do anything.”

What mainstream media has failed to tell you is about the number of alarming 911 calls coming from 1062 Oberlin Dr., many of them domestic violence in nature. Between September 13, 2019, and November 5, 2020, 911 operators handled a dozen calls from the residence.

  • 9-13-2019: Call from homeowner Billy Whatley (incorrect spelling) about his wallet. The officer was dispatched, no one answered the door.

  • 9-15-2019: No further details are listed on 911 report.

  • 10-31-19: Operator notes female caller is making coughing, grunting noises, and hears another person talking in the background. An officer was dispatched, no one answered at the door.

  • 1-04-2020: Female caller tells the operator that a man “needs to stop putting his hands on her.” Operator notes that they can hear a man in background say, “What are you doing to me?” A female caller is heard saying, “You put your hands on me, choked me, pulled my hair.” The officer is dispatched, no answer at the door.

  • 6-15-2020: The operator notes that she heard a female crying and talking to a man, telling him that he “broke her jaw and arm.” Caller states that her legs are bruised and that the man “pushed her down the stairs.” The call is disconnected. The officer was dispatched, no one answered the door.

  • 6-22-2020: Operator notes that female is on the phone, not saying much, and hangs up. The officer is dispatched. Operator notes, “area is quiet.”

  • 6-25-2020: Operator notes “will be in the area.”

  • 6-26-2020: Officer dispatched but rerouted to another call.

  • 9-22-2020: The operator instructs the caller to contact Call Center and file a police report. I checked and could not find a report for that call.

  • 10-12-2020: The caller said she left the house door unlocked and, when she returned, said, “things have been moved around.” The caller identifies herself as Destiny (misspelled). The operator said the caller is “very evasive when asked questions.” Caller requested an officer to “clear the home.” Operator notes 16 B, which is code for disturbance/mental.

  • 11-04-2020: The caller said live-in boyfriend Bill put his hands on her. The woman refused medic. Phone disconnected. The officer was dispatched, no one answered at the door.

  • 11-05-2020: The caller told live-in boyfriend Bill has been hitting her—refused medic. The history of domestic violence is noted in the report. Operator notes 34 C, code for a well-being check. Hang up. Goes to voice mail. Officer does well-being check on 11-06-2020. The operator notes that the caller is Destiny Lidell (misspelled).

According to Franklin County Auditor records, Billy and Gail Wadley have owned the house at 1062 Oberlin Dr. since 1989. In two 911 calls, the caller informs the operator that Bill is her live-in boyfriend and the one assaulting her. Calls to Billy Wadley were not returned. Gail Wadley texted, “I live in Iowa. Stop bothering me!” Mrs. Wadley refused to answer my questions. As far as I can tell, Billy Wadley doesn’t have a criminal record.

I have determined that Dystanie Lydelle called 911 five times and named Bill her assailant and live-in boyfriend. Calls to Lydelle were not returned.

Naturally, I have lots of questions for both Billy Wadley, 64, and Dystanie Lydelle, 22.

Former OSU men's swimming coach Bill Wadley

Let us begin with Billy Wadley, the former Ohio State University men's swimming coach who retired in 2017 after 28 years with the team. (Bill Wadley died last September at the age of 65).

  • Did you know Andre Hill? If so, what was your relationship?

  • Why was Hill at your home on the morning of December 22, 2020?

  • Do you know Dystanie Lydelle? Is Lydelle your girlfriend? Have you assaulted Lydelle? Does Lydelle live with you? Let’s cut through the chase; what in the hell is going on at your place?

Here are a few questions for Dystanie Lydelle:

Dystanie Lydelle

  • Did you know Andre Hill, 47? If so, what was your relationship with him?

  • Were you living at 1062 Oberlin Dr. on the day of the shooting? Did you witness it?

  • Are you the woman heard on Columbus Division of Police body cameras yelling, “He (Hill) was bringing me Christmas money. He didn’t do anything.”

  • Is Billy Wadley, your boyfriend? Do you live with Wadley?

  • Is Billy Wadley, the man you claim in the 911 calls who assaulted you?

(Franklin County Municipal Court issued a bench warrant on November 15 after Dystanie Lydelle failed to show up her for her arraignment on a soliciting charge.)

I can’t help but wonder, before the shooting on December 22, 2020, did Coy have any knowledge about those string of 911 calls? If so, any reasonable person would believe that Coy was on high-alert when he and Officer Amy Detweiler responded to the non-emergency call.

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