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Breaking News: I-71 Shooter In Court Today

The 21-year-old Columbus man who got into a shootout with Columbus Division of Police officers last Friday during a bizarre incident on I-71 in Delaware County will be arraigned this afternoon.

Jonathon Sirvelle Wilder Myers

The Delaware County Prosecutor's Office charged Jonathon Sirvelle Wilder Myers charged with attempted aggravated murder. The video arraignment is scheduled for 1 p.m.

Police say Jonathon Sirvelle Wilder Myers drove his 2014 Ford Fusion off the left side of I-71 north of East Powell Road last Friday morning, hit a cable barrier in the median, exited his car, pulled out a handgun, and took potshots at vehicles. Myers' bullets thankfully didn't hit anyone but damaged three vehicles.

Columbus Division of Police cruiser struck by bullet in shootout with Myers. The bullet holes in the windshield are from the officer returning fire.

When Columbus Division of Police arrived on the scene, Myers opened fire on them. One of the errant bullets hit a cruiser. Officers returned fire, and sources say a bullet hit Myers in the lower torso. Myers was treated at Grant Medical Center.

Myers' female passenger has not been identified.

Myers has four open cases in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, including a 28-count indictment for trafficking in drugs, possession of drugs, firearms, and having weapons while under disability.

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