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City Sweetens The Pot For Police Deputy Chiefs To Retire

Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther’s plan to “reimagine public safety” may cost taxpayers more money, a lot more money.

Mayor Andy Ginther preparing to play 18 holes at Ohio State Golf Club (File Photo)

Columbus Division of Police sources told The Sussi Report Monday that negotiations are underway to buyout Deputy Chiefs Ken Kuebler, Jennifer Knight, Tim Becker, and Tom Quinlan, who Ginther demoted in January of 2021 from chief to deputy chief.

According to sources, the city upped its ante to a one-time payment of $500,000 to each of the four deputy chiefs if they retire. Last July, Columbus City Council approved a $300,00 buyout to six deputy chiefs. None of them accepted the offer.

Cincinnati lawyer Zachary Gottesman emailed The Sussi Report the following statement. “At present time, I cannot comment or respond to your questions. If that changes, I will let you know." Gottesman represents Knight in her lawsuit against the city, claiming gender and race discrimination and retaliation.

Earlier this year, 100 Division personnel, including four commanders, nine lieutenants, and 28 sergeants, accepted a one-time $200,000 retirement-incentive buyout. The offer cost taxpayers 20 million and left the Division severely understaffed.

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