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Columbus Division of Police Shaping Up Like The One In Detroit?

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

(Note: This report is based on information The Sussi Report received from unnamed sources with the Columbus Division of Police).

Significant changes are coming to the Columbus Division of Police.

And according to veteran officers and detectives who spoke with The Sussi Report, some of them are not in the best interest of you, your families or local business owners.

The Sussi Report learned that Chief Elaine Bryant, 1st Asst. Chief LaShanna Potts, and Asst. Chief Gregory Bodker, met with the Division's deputy chiefs last week at a retreat to discuss the future direction of the Division.

Chief Elaine Byrant

Here are some of the changes, according to our sources.

  • Investigative Tactical Narcotics Team (INTAC) is eliminated. According to sources, CPD will only investigate drug houses that involve death or serious injury. "So, now if a citizen calls in about a neighbor selling crack from a house that has become a nuisance house, nothing will be done about it," said our source. "There will be little to no effort to combat drugs that are flowing through the streets of Columbus." It is unclear how the displaced 20 INTAC officers and two sergeants will be utilized. "For now, we have no job direction."

  • Mounted Unit downsized.

  • Motorcycle Unit downsized.

  • Freeway Patrol Unit downsized.

  • Property Crimes Unit reduced from approximately 45 to 10 detectives. Sources tell The Sussi Report that detectives will no longer investigate car thefts, business break-ins, thefts against the elderly and those sort of crimes. "We are talking about 60,000 property crimes last year, and according to the Chief, those victims don't care," said our source. Sources said that Chief Bryant told her command staff that the public cares about homicides and shootings - period.

To date, 200 officers have applied for the city's retirement incentive program in which officers will receive a one-time payment of $200,000 to leave the Division. The program is limited to 100 employees.

Both Chief Bryant and 1st Asst. Chief Potts arrived here last June from the Detroit Police Dept. Since then, sources tell The Sussi Report that they've taken great steps to model our city's police department after the one in Detroit and the officers and detectives we talked with don't care for the Division's new direction.

"You're going to have 100 people take the buyout and another 100 leave because of the politics," said a veteran CPD detective.

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