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Columbus Gang Buries Another Member

NOTE: The purpose of this story is not to glorify gangs or minimize the death of another human being. The objective is to show you that it’s a short life with a violent and deadly ending for many of its members. And we can only hope that there won’t be retaliation and more bloodshed on our streets.


Deuce-Deuce, aka the 22nd Street Gangsta Bloods, paid its final respects today to

of their own.

Following a service at the Marlan Gary Funeral Home Chapel of Peace on East Livingston Avenue, Darshawn “Moosie” Perry Sr. was laid to rest at the Evergreen Burial Park. “Moosie” was 39.

Printed on the outside of Perry’s casket are the words, “S. 22nd St. Gangsta Bloods.” Mourners covered the top of Perry’s coffin with red bandanas.

On November 3, the Columbus Division of Police say Perry was shot to death around 11:40 p.m. after leaving a club at the 1600 Block of Patton Avenue. Sources tell The Sussi Report that the suspects are members of the Elaine Street Crips, a rival gang.

Perry spent most of his adult life in and out of jail and prison for drug-related offenses, according to court records. In 2001, following a massive law enforcement investigation, Perry was one of 62 people indicted for trafficking in drugs and participating in a criminal gang. He was 19 and sent to prison for the first time.

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