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Columbus Man Murdered Outside Target Store Near Easton Town Center

An assassination.

That’s how sources describe what went down Monday morning around 11:30 at the Target store at 4199 Morse Crossing.

Sources tell The Sussi Report that the victim was sitting on one of store’s decorative red balls near the front doors, drinking coffee when the masked killer walked up to him, fired two bullets into his head, jumped into a dark late-model Chervolet, perhaps an Impala, and drove off.

The cold-blooded killing is the 175th homicide this year in Columbus, trying the city’s all-time deadliest record set last year, and with two months remaining, the infamous record will undoubtedly be broken again. As of this report, the Columbus Division of Police have made no arrests in this case.

The Sussi Report talked with a woman who was in the parking lot when the fatal shots were fired and recorded cellphone video just moments after the harrowing incident.

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