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Columbus Public Health Shuts Down Linden Dollar General Store

Taped to Dollar General's front door security gate at 1431 Cleveland Ave. is a large, fluorescent sign that reads - Closed.

Beneath the sign, taped to the front door, is a red sticker that reads – Closed. This one is from Columbus Public Health. Inspectors ordered the store to close on March 29 after discovering an infestation of mice.

According to the inspection report, obtained by The Sussi Report, inspectors eye-balled large amounts of fresh mice droppings throughout the facility, on floors, shopping carts, shelves, and boxes.

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Before the Linden store can reopen, the business must hire a licensed pest control company to treat the entire building and thoroughly clean the facility, including all remnants of mice poop.

Columbus Public Health inspectors took these pictures of mice droppings at Dollar General, 1431 Cleveland Ave.

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