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Columbus Woman Gets Wrist Slap For Resisting Arrest And Assaulting An Officer

Four days in the slammer.

Elisa Lide

That’s what 26-year-old Elisa Lide got for smacking a Clinton Twp. A police officer and resisting arrest while the officer was working special duty at Saraga International Marketplace at 3353 Cleveland Ave.

On July 13, Lide pleaded guilty to resisting arrest, a misdemeanor two. The Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office dropped the assault charge, a felony four.

Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Judge Julie M. Lynch sentenced Lide to time served at the Franklin County jail - four days - and ordered Lide to pay $31.00 in court fees which were suspended.

Here’s what happened.

According to the police report, on February 19, Lide became “disruptive” at the grocery store, and officer Keith Bales ordered the woman to leave the store. Lide refused. When officer Bales asked Lide a second time to beat it, Lide punched officer Bales in the kisser.

Interestingly, when officer Bales filed the case, the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office declined to prosecute Lide. Until, that is, officer Bales had a few words with Asst. Prosecutor Brian Morgan. “I’ve been a police officer for over 20 years, and my record is clean, and you’re telling me that an officer can get assaulted, and nothing happens? Wow, that is a problem," officer Bales told the assistant prosecutor during a telephone conversation.

Attached is a copy of the conversation officer Bales had with Asst. Prosecutor Morgan.

Download PDF • 465KB

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