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Congresswoman's Real Estate Deal Just Seems Fishy

Politicians, the professionals, the ones that manage to stay in office year after year, are experts in raising money, selling bullshit, and hiding stuff, shady stuff,

sometimes even illegal stuff.

U.S. Rep. Joyce recently put her lavish five-bedroom, five-bathroom Blacklick estate on the market for a cool $1.2 million. And, to the Average Joe – or Average Jane – I don't want to be Cancelled – the circumstances surrounding how Rep. Beatty acquired the house seems fishy. Pay close attention as I lead you through the transaction step-by-step.

Joyce Beatty House
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  • William and Susan Kent purchased the house at 1421 Taylor Corners Dr. on July 17, 2003, for $1,052.500.

  • On December 2, 2008, the Kents sold their home to Ohio Dominican University. The sales price is not disclosed in Franklin County Auditor records.

  • On December 2, 2008, Ohio Dominican University sold the house to Rep. Beatty and her late husband, Otto Beatty. The transaction went through a trust, and the purchase price is not disclosed.

Rep. Beatty recently told The Dispatch that she doesn't recall what the couple paid for the mansion. Rep. Beatty said her late husband handled the family's finances. My wife handles the finances in our family, but I know to the penny how much we paid for our Italian Village townhouse.

To be clear, there is nothing to indicate that the Beatty's real estate transaction broke any laws. But isn't it peculiar that Ohio Dominican University purchased the house in the first place? And then on the same day, turned around and sold it to the Beatty’s?

Perhaps if our elected public officials were more transparent, even with it comes to their personal business, we might begin to trust them with our tax dollars and decisions made on our behalfs.

Oh, for the record, Rep. Beatty downsized and moved to a $599,000 condo in downtown Columbus.

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