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Dirty Dining Report: Roaches Found at OSU Campus Takeout

Roaches and roach poop, that’s what a Columbus Public Health inspector eyeballed during a routine inspection on August 22 at Curry & Hurry, 2414 N. High St.

In their report, the inspector noted that “multiple German cockroach nymphs were observed on walls, behind paper and signs in the dry storage area.” For those of you who are not entomologists, nymphs are young roaches.

The inspector also noted “multiple fecal spotting on the ceilings, walls, and equipment throughout the main kitchen.” In plain language, they’re referring to roach poop.

The inspector returned on August 26 and observed that the restaurant had addressed its roach problem. In the meantime, Curry & Hurry will be subjected to increased monitoring by Columbus Public Health.

Photos courtesy of Columbus Public Health.

It’s not the first time this OSU campus restaurant has had issues with roaches. During an inspection on June 22, 2020, Columbus Public Health “observed cockroaches in several areas of the facility including near handwashing sink, prep sink, mop sink, grease trap and around shelving where clean equipment and utensils are stored.”

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