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Fate Of Teen Charged With Double Murder Determined Long Ago

You can say it is fate that 19-year-old Omarion Malique King sits in a cell at Franklin County's Jackson Pike jail, accused of shooting two young men to death earlier this month on Atcheson Street.

Omarion Malique King

Since he was in elementary school, King has traveled down this dark and hopeless road. His reckless journey is documented through 37 incident reports on file with the Columbus Division of Police.

In them, you learn that King did not have a stable home or parents and spent most of his teen years bouncing between the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center and residential group homes.

You learn that King didn't respect the rules.

"He (King) was on probation and electronic monitoring devices practically the entire time I worked there," recalled Matt Cravens. Cravens worked from 2015 to 2020 in the Electronic Monitoring Device Unit at the Franklin County Juvenile Court. "Over and over," said Cravens, "we would put him on an EMD again, and again and again, and he would violate."

The Sussi Report obtained a copy of a live recording King produced while detained at the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center in February of 2020 that he posted on his Facebook page.

In the video, King boasts about having Wendy's in detention. "Nuggets and all of that," King brags in the video. Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center administrators say food brought in from the outside is prohibited.

The Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center employee who let King use his iPhone and brought in the fast food was fired.

The police reports also show how King emerged from a non-violent offender to a young man charged with double murder.

King committed his first B & E at 11, stole his first car at 12, and notched his first armed robbery at 16.

In July 2019, according to court and police records, King robbed a pair of people of their Iphones at gunpoint. King met the victims on LetGo, a popular buy and sell app, and when the victims showed up at the meeting place, police say King pulled a handgun and took their phones.

A Franklin County grand jury indicted King in August 2020 on two counts: aggravated robbery and robbery with firearm specifications.

Last June, King pleaded guilty to counts of robbery. The Franklin County Prosecutor's Office dismissed the other charges in exchange for his plea. Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Judge Julie Lynch sentenced King to spend three years at the Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation and Corrections which included 632 days served at the Franklin County Jail.

ODRC records show that King was released on October 1 and placed on parole for three years.

It didn't take King long to fall back into his old ways.

On Tuesday, the Columbus Division of Police arrested King and charged him with the October 4 murders of 20-year-old Eugene Daniels and 22-year-old Cameron Jordan. King's preliminary hearing is scheduled for Friday.

"He should be locked up for the rest of his life," said Cravens. "The community must be protected."

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