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FCSO Employees Demand That Sheriff Baldwin Reins In His "Right-Hand Man"

Updated: May 9, 2022

Franklin County Sheriff's Office employees say they have had enough of Chief Deputy Michael Flynn. Last Thursday, membership of the Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge #9 unanimously supported a Vote of No-Confidence in the 41-year FCSO employee.

Chief Deputy Michael Flynn

Today, Capital City Lodge #9 President Jeff Simpson emailed this letter to Sheriff Dallas Baldwin. It states that membership "has deemed Chief Deputy Flynn as a detriment to the operations and morale of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office."

Simpson writes that membership has his full support and invited both Sheriff Baldwin and Chief Deputy Flynn to meet with him "in an attempt to address the concerns of the members I represent."

Download PDF • 80KB

The Sussi Report is the only media outlet to date that has reported on those concerns.

First, FCSO employees are upset over how Chief Deputy Flynn managed the matter of former FCSO human resources department employee Jennifer Heintz who shared private information with her incarcerated husband about Delaware County Sheriff's Office employees who applied or planned to apply for jobs at the FCSO.

The Sussi Report obtained copies of recorded telephone conversations that Heintz had last November and December with her husband, former FSCO employee Daniel Heintz, while Heintz was jailed at the Delaware County Jail and waiting to be whisked off to a federal prison to serve eight years for receiving child pornography.

Jennifer Heintz shared with her husband information about the candidates and where they were in the hiring process. She even gave her opinion if they were good candidates.

On January 21, the FCSO slapped Jennifer Heintz with a 20-day suspension for Unbecoming Conduct. Ten days were held abeyance, and Heintz was permitted to use vacation days to cover the other ten days.

One day after The Sussi Report broke this story on February 8, a pair of FCSO deputies filed complaints and voiced concerns about Heintz and the investigation.

Wrote one deputy, "I, as well as other employees of the Sheriff's Office, do not feel safe with Jennifer Heintz having access to our personal information," wrote one deputy. He added, "Jennifer Heintz has shown that she had no regard for the privacy of potential candidates for employment with the Sheriff's Office. She has been caught sharing information of a personal nature with a convicted federal felon (Dan Heintz). What is to keep her from sharing information belonging to current FCSO employees with convicted felons?"

Jennifer Heintz resigned and signed off on the county's standard Settlement and Release Agreement the next day.

Then there's Chief Deputy Flynn's infamous "Food for Thought" memo he wrote on April 1 for the FCSO bi-weekly employee bulletin.

These are the words that struck a nerve with FCSO employees. "These are trying times for Law Enforcement, we have been attacked on many fronts. In some cases, it has been warranted. In other cases, not so much."

The memo prompted Simpson to email this letter on April 12 to Sheriff Baldwin expressing "extreme displeasure" over Chief Deputy Flynn's words. "The deputies of the FCSO are under extreme scrutiny as it is, and morale is at an all-time low," Simpson stated. "The last thing my deputies need to hear are words of dismay being uttered to them via email (in a public forum) on your behalf."

Download PDF • 110KB

Sources tell The Sussi Report that the Vote of No-Confidence has "no teeth" without the support and cooperation of Sheriff Baldwin. Sources say they are not optimistic that Sheriff Baldwin will take disciplinary action against Chief Deputy Flynn who sources say is Sheriff Baldwin's "right-hand man." "He (Sheriff Baldwin) lets him (Chief Deputy Flynn) do whatever he wants," says one FSCO employee.

The Sussi Report contacted Sheriff Baldwin and FCSO Media Relations Manager Maureen Kocot. We want answers to these questions.

  • Is your office collaborating with the FOP to address the "Vote of No-Confidence?"

  • Is your office concerned about how Chief Deputy Flynn managed the Jennifer Heintz matter?

  • Is your office concerned about Chief Deputy's "Food for Thought" memo?

  • Is it a conflict of interest that Chief Deputy Flynn's wife works in the FCSO Human Resources Dept?

  • How does your office plan to restore morale and confidence in your office?

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