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FCSO "Food for Thought" Memo Gives FOP President Heartburn

The president of Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge #9 has called out Franklin County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Michael Flynn for his post in an employee bulletin on April 1 that, in the words of one deputy, "has created a shitstorm."

Jeff Simpson

The blowback is over Chief Deputy Flynn's memo titled, Food for Thought.

"As we enter Spring and Summer, I wish all of you the best. These are trying times for Law Enforcement; we have been attacked on many fronts. In some cases, it has been warranted in other cases not so much.

What perplexes me more than anything is how we attack each other

and the ways in which we do it. We do and say things for no reason other than to hurt and belittle each other. I would ask each of you when contemplating your work decisions to ask yourself these 3 questions:

Am I doing the right thing?

Am I doing it for the right reason?

Is it the right time to do it?

Truthfully, answering these three questions in our work

environment decisions would go a long way toward restoring community trust, reducing our individual and office liability, reducing discipline, and making the workplace better for all of us.

One last thing I will leave you with is the "Golden Rule" Do unto

others are you would have them do unto you."

Download PDF • 1.77MB

Chief Deputy Flynn's, Food for Thought memo gave Jeff Simpson, president of FOP Capital City Lodge #9, heartburn. The Sussi Report obtained a copy of Simpson's letter he sent today to Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin.

Download PDF • 110KB

"I am writing you on behalf of the 766 Active Deputies that serve under your command. I am compelled both personally and as the Lodge President to express extreme displeasure with regard to the memo put out to your Deputies on April 1 titled, "Food for Thought."

We certainly can all agree on the concept of treating one another by the Golden Rule when it comes to fellow Deputies and the public. However, there are excerpts in the said memo that are reasonably subject to extreme scrutiny by myself, the public and most importantly, Deputies within the FCSO.

It is appropriate to be mindful that words matter and sometimes without specific context, statements can and will be misconstrued. I could also reasonably assert that the words typed to my members should never be delivered to them via a stroke of a keyboard. The words contained in the typed memo may have been better served by putting boots on the grounds in a face-to-face forum. The rank and file may have received the communication in a more perceptible manner.

The Deputies of the FCSO are under extreme scrutiny as it is, and morale is at an all-time low. The last thing my Deputies need to hear are the words of dismay being uttered to them via email (in a public forum) on your behalf.

I feel it is incumbent upon you to reassure your Deputy's that they have the support and respect that they have earned and deserve."

Chief Deputy Michael Flynn

Chief Deputy Flynn's April 1 memo created a volley of emails between FCSO employees, including the Human Resources Dept. Rather than address the memo, Sheriff Baldwin reminded employees about the FCSO's email policy.

"The use of county email the SHRF All or Reply to All is to cease immediately unless you have authorization. Use of our official email system to express personal views and condemnation is inappropriate and extremely unprofessional. We have an official procedure to forward concerns through the chain of command. Future violations will result in disciplinary action."

The Sussi Report reached out to Maureen Kocot, FCSO Media Relations Manager, for a comment about the FOP's letter to Sheriff Baldwin. We are still waiting for a reply. Kocot did not respond when we contacted her last week about Chief Deputy Flynn's Food for Thought memo.

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