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Did A Figure of Speech Land Pickerington Principal In Hot Woke Waters?

The Sussi Report was the first to inform you that on January 28, the Pickerington School District placed Pickerington High School Central principal Stacy Tennebaum and Mark Ulbrich, principal at Pickerington High School North, on administrative leave for “unrelated incidents." Pending the investigation, both Tennenbaum and Ulbrich are reassigned to the District’s Central Administrative Offices. The District is not commenting on the incidents or its investigation.

Do you “have a monkey on your back?” I “have a monkey on my back" and it's the current thin-skinned, ultra-racial sensitive, so-called woke culture in which decent people – much like the Salem witch trials of the 17th century – are unfairly tagged racists and burned to the stake.

Sources tell The Sussi Report that Stacy Tennenbaum, a 27-year employee with the Pickerington School District, sits on the sidelines with her career up in the air, all because of a figure of speech.

According to sources, Tennenbaum was kidding around with a student, the student jumped on her back, and Tennenbaum jokingly said, “can someone get this monkey off my back?” The student, according to sources, is a black, special-needs student.

Another student or staff member overheard the remark, and according to sources, reported it to school officials.

“My daughter is a graduate of PHSC. Stacy Tennebaum was my daughter’s principal during her high school years. For someone to accuse Mrs. Tennebaum of any racial slur if disgusting,” Wendy McKinney Roush posted on FaceBook. “This is NOT her nature. PERIOD.”

As for Mark Ulbrich, who has been with the District since 2014, The Sussi Report is following on tips.

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