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Franklin County Sheriff ‘Flips Off’ The FOP; Members Fire Back

For the second time in three weeks, members of Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge #9 have supported a Vote of No-Confidence in another powerful figure at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Dallas Baldwin

On Thursday night, members backed a Vote of No-Confidence in Sheriff Dallas Baldwin. Sources say FCSO employees are upset over how Sheriff Baldwin has handled last month’s Vote of No-Confidence in Chief Deputy Michael Flynn, Sheriff Baldwin’s right-hand man.

Chief Deputy Michael Flynn

Sources say that when Sheriff Baldwin went on vacation this month, he appointed Chief Deputy Flynn as the acting sheriff. “It’s a big F-U to the FOP,” says one FCSO employee. Another source says Sheriff Baldwin “is not taking any of this seriously.”

Rather than rehash information I have reported over the past few months on this matter, I have attached two of my reports on why FCSO employees are upset with Sheriff Baldwin and Chief Deputy Flynn.

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