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Franklin County Sheriff's Office Employee Puts Co-Workers In Danger

Earlier this month, a Franklin County Sheriff's Office sergeant making his rounds at the Corrections Facility on South Front Street made an alarming discovery in the men's dorm.

Tresalyn Butler-Sharp

"They were found by accident," says a source with the FCSO. "You have no idea the damage this could have done! "

They were a pair of scissors.

"I watch inmates fight every day over dumb stuff and beat the crap out of each other over dumb stuff with their hands," says the FCSO source. "Imagine the power this inmate had with having this weapon?"

The Sussi Report learned that Tresalyn Butler-Sharp, Director of Social Services, provided an inmate with a pair of scissors. In a March 11 email, obtained by The Sussi Report through a Public Records request, Butler-Sharp explained, "A few weeks back they (inmates) asked me for them (scissors) so that they could make cards."

Butler-Sharp wrote, "I recognize that I put staff in a potentially dangerous situation by forgetting to notify that they had scissors."

Butler-Sharp sent the email to six FCSO employees, including Capt. Vincent Brammer, Lt. Fran Taylor, and Major Paul Bryant, who oversees the FCSO Corrections Facilities. According to copies of emails the FCSO provided The Sussi Report, not one of them responded to Butler-Sharp's email.

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The Sussi Report also obtained a copy of Butler-Sharp's personnel file. It is absent of any documentation regarding the incident. "Inmates get charged for having shanks, yet our Director of Social Services gets to hand out weapons and have no discipline," says our source.

The Sussi Report contacted FCSO Media Relations Manager Maureen Kocot and asked if Butler-Sharp's action violated FCSO safety procedures or policies. If so, why wasn't Butler-Sharp disciplined? We are still waiting for answers.

Butler-Sharp should know better. Before the FCSO promoted her to Director of Social Services in August of 2020, Butler-Sharp was a deputy for 15 years.

This is not the first time that Tresalyn Butler-Sharp has caught the eye of The Sussi Report.

In December of 2020, Butler-Sharp organized an inmate cell decorating contest. In a December 9, 2020, email obtained by The Sussi Report, Butler-Sharp wrote that the event was "an effort to build morale."

Inmates who participated in the contest received chicken tenders from KFC, burgers and fries from Burger King, and pizza from Portofino's Pizza.

In June of 2022, Butler-Sharp helped organize a graduation party for Mario Marshawn Wade, who earned his GED while behind bars.

Graduation Party For Accused Killer Mario Mashawn Wade

Wade is waiting to stand trial accused of shooting to death a 23-year-old pregnant woman, her 23-year-old boyfriend, and seriously wounding a teenage boy. Doctors saved the woman's baby, but he suffered debilitating injuries, including cerebral palsy because he was without oxygen for an hour.

Butler-Sharp, according to her personnel file, earns $95,014 a year.

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