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Franklin County Sheriff's Office Employee Suspended Over 'Pillow Talk' With Ex-Deputy Hubby

Of all people, Dan Heintz, a former Franklin County Sheriff's Office deputy, and Jennifer Heintz, an employee in the FCSO's human resources department, should understand that jail conversations are recorded.

Big Brother is always listening.

Allow me to set up this story.

Last December, a federal judge sentenced Dan Heintz to spend the next eight years of his life in prison for receiving child pornography. The court also ordered him to pay the victims depicted in the images more than $50,000 in restitution.

Before authorities carted off the defiled former deputy to prison, the Delaware County Jail held Heintz.

Former FCSO Deputy Dan Heintz

Records obtained by The Sussi Report show that Jennifer Heintz had numerous telephone conversations with her husband. Some of them caught the ear of the Delaware County Sheriff's Office.

On several visitation recordings from mid-November of 2021 to mid-December of 2021, Jennifer Heintz is heard talking about DCSO deputies who applied or plan to apply for jobs at the FCSO. According to the report, Jennifer Heintz discussed "the suitability for employment" with her husband."

Jennifer Heintz
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Records show that on January 21, 2022, the FCSO slapped Jennifer Heintz with a 20-day suspension for Unbecoming Conduct with ten days held in abeyance. That means Heintz will sit out ten days, and should she violate future FCSO policies or procedures, she will be required to sit out the rest of her 20-day suspension plus any additional penalties.

Heintz, who has been employed with the FCSO since May of 2018, returns to work on Thursday.

For the record, Dan Heintz was a non-certified deputy which means that he didn't carry a gun or go on patrol.

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