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FCSO Deputies Foil Bold Plot to Smuggle Drugs Into Jail

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

NOTE: In my first report, I told you that Nadira Hassan attempted to smuggle a loaded handgun and drugs to an inmate at the Franklin County Jackson Pike jail. Deputies found the weapon inside Hassan's vehicle not on her person. And, according to sources, Hassan has a CCW permit. Here is the problem, whenever I attempt to verify my information, Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin and his media relations director, Maureen Kocot, refuse to answer my questions, so I must rely 100 percent on my sources. That said, I will continue to expose the shenanigans at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office – with or without the cooperation of Sheriff Baldwin or Ms. Kocot.

Using a blow torch, the plan was to burn a hole through the plexiglass divider between visitors and inmates at the Jackson Pike jail and slip straws filled with drugs through the hole.

Deputies caught wind of the scheme, so when Nadira Hassan showed up at the Jackson Pike jail on September 20 to visit Christopher Freeman and sneak in the dope, deputies immediately arrested Hassan with several straws filled with drugs and a blow torch! Deputies also found a loaded handgun in Hassan’s car. Sources say she has a CCW permit.

The 32-year-old Hassan is charged with illegal conveyance of drug of abuse onto grounds of a detention facility or institution, a felony. Franklin County Municipal Court Judge Eileen Paley released Hassan last Thursday at her arraignment on her own recognizance. For those unfamiliar with bonds, it means Hassan gives the court her word that she’ll return for all future hearings in this case.

Hassan’s preliminary hearing is set for October 10 at the Franklin County Municipal Court.

Freeman, 29, is being held on a $350,000 bond for five felony charges, including attempted murder. According to court records, Freeman was paroled from the Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation and Corrections on July 27, 2020, after serving nearly 3 1/6 years in prison for forgery and felonious assault.

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