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Ginther Golfgate Swept Under The Rug

It's Labor Day, and I can't think of a more appropriate time to update you on Ginther Golfgate.

Columbus Division of Police officer Marty Jaeger (L) and Mayor Andy Ginther (R) at the Ohio State University Golf Club.

For those unfamiliar with Ginther Golfgate, here is a summary of my investigation. In the summer of 2020, during the peak of the George Floyd riots and COVID, I received a tip that Mayor Andy Ginther, along with members of his private security detail (Columbus Division of Police officers), spent a great deal of time on the links of the Ohio State University Golf Club.

Over a few weeks, I observed Mayor Ginther and officer Marty Jaeger golf and rub elbows with Franklin County political heavyweights and business leaders. During one week, Mayor Ginther and officer Jaeger teed it up on three different days.

I watched Mayor Ginther chum it up with the privileged influencers and occasionally chugged a few cold ones. At the same time, rioters and a virus brought our city to its knees, while Columbus moved toward a record 175 homicides. (That record was broken the following year with 204).

I continued to dig deeper and learned that between April 2016 and October 1, 2020, Mayor Ginther teed it up 222 times at the Ohio State University Golf Club. Officer Jaeger joined his boss on the links 166 times.

It's important to note that on many of the Mayor's golfing trips to the OSU course, a second member of his private security detail waited in the parking lot in an SUV.

Lamestream media followed up on my investigation in March of 2021 when the Columbus Division of Police Internal Affairs Bureau launched an investigation.

IAB concluded what The Sussi Report reported the previous year. 1) Columbus Division of Police officer Marty Jaeger golfed with Mayor Ginther often while on the clock. 2) Officer Jaeger often pocketed overtime pay on those days.

IAB forwarded its report to the Special Operations chain of command for review. More than a year later, not a peep from the chain of command.

Mayor Ginther and officer Jaeger both abused taxpayer dollars and public trust, and they should be held accountable, but they won't. Big businesses and rich white guys run and control this city, and politicians like Mayor Ginther are merely puppets. And as long as these political puppets do what their puppet masters say, they are untouchable.

Many of you in Columbus are working on this Labor Day, busting your asses to make ends meet, while public officials like Mayor Andy Ginther have the day off. And if it didn't rain all day Monday, it's a good bet he, along with a member of his private security detail, would have been golfing.

But not at the Ohio State University Golf Club. Mayor Ginther resigned in January 2021 after OSU filled my public records requests asking for tee times and Mayor Ginther's expenditures at one of the club's restaurants.

These days, Mayor Ginther tees it up at the exclusive members-only York Golf Club, where club officials are not obligated to respond to public records requests from the press. Politicians like Mayor Andy Ginther hate transparency; it's their kryptonite.

Mayor Ginther's term expires next year, and he is expected to run and protect his throne. If you see him at a Labor Day parade next year and want to witness the color leave his face, remind him about Ginther Golfgate.

If you have a tip, leave me a message at 614 779-1885 or drop me an email at

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