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HAPPENING NOW: Ex-Con With Violent Past Suspect In Grisly Death of Woman

OCTOBER 1, 2021

Columbus Division of Police confirmed that dismembered body parts Franklin County Sheriff’s Office deputies discovered Wednesday in a Far West Side condo belong to 32-year-old Allyson Lorenz. The body parts, according to sources, were found in a room meticulously “wrapped in black plastic in manageable sizes. Not much visible blood, pretty clean.”

ERIC WARD Suspect in the death of Allyson Lorenz whose dismembered body was discovered Wednesday at the victim’s Far West Side condo.

Drug trafficking complaints are what led deputies to execute a search warrant Wednesday morning at 1834 Banshan Dr. Allyson Lorenz and her father, Dr. Jack Lorenz of Defiance, according to Franklin County Auditor records, purchased the condo on January 18, 2017. Deputies say when they arrived on the scene “multiple people” were inside the condo including ex-con Eric Ward who has a violent criminal history that includes domestic violence.

Franklin County Municipal Court records show that Ward was arrested Thursday and charged with domestic violence and possession of drugs. Ward, who is being held at the Franklin County Jail, is scheduled to be arranged on Saturday at FCMC. To date, he has not been charged with the murder of Allyson Lorenz.

A woman who knows both Eric Ward and Allyson Lorenz tells The Sussi Report “that I had seen him violent toward women. He was dating a friend of mine and I had gone over there to see her and she told me that he almost beat Allyson to death.”

ALLYSON MARIE LORENZ Franklin County Sheriff’s Office deputies discovered the victim’s dismembered body at the woman’s Far West Side condo.

The Sussi Report will continue to follow and update you on this story

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