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"He's a good cat" Says Friend Of Man Who Got Into A Deadly Shootout With Motorcycle Club

It's becoming clearer what went down Monday night during a shootout at the Old Landmark Tavern on Rumsey Road that left two men dead and three others injured.

A source tells The Sussi Report they were at the bar Monday night but left before all hell broke loose. They heard the shooting was retaliation for what happened at that bar about a week earlier. They say that about 20 members of the Avengers Motorcycle Club showed up wearing their "Avengers vests."

"This all started with a girl," they explained. "They (members of Avengers) got into an argument, and her boyfriend shot up a couple of the Avengers' bikes. They (Avengers) came to cause trouble."

The guy who fired rounds into the Avengers' motorcycles, says my source, wasn't at the Old Landmark Tavern when the Avengers showed up. My source says they heard at least one of the Avengers pulled out a handgun, and one of the bar's regulars fired back in self-defense. I have confirmed that the deceased - Glenn Clark III, 50, and Nichols Dowler, 34, were both members of the Avengers.

The man my source says who fired the fatal shots is Brody Sieber, a 38-year-old Columbus contractor in stable condition at Grant Hospital. "Brody is a good cat," they say.

Brody Sieber

On Tuesday, Columbus Division of Police detectives executed a search warrant at the Avengers' clubhouse on N. Guilford Road. "Detectives are currently processing evidence from both the search warrant and the scene of the earlier homicide," says Sgt. Albert, an aide to Chief Elaine Bryant. "At this time, no further details will be released regarding this case."

A CPD source tells me, "There are many moving parts. Conflicting versions about what happened."

As of this report, police have made no arrests.

The Sussi Report reached out to the Avengers Motorcycle Club, but they have yet to make a statement.

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