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Health Dept. Forces Day Care Center To Close Its Doors

A banner hanging outside of the Little Tigers Before & After Care boasts that it’s a “5-Star Award Winner!”

Columbus Public Health Closes Daycare Center

However, a pair of recent Columbus Public Health inspections are anything but a glowing endorsement.

On April 18, health inspectors ordered the daycare center at 2550 Morse Rd. to close after discovering that Little Tigers Before & After Care had an issue with mice.

According to the inspection, inspectors eye-balled mouse poop in the food storage room, storage closest, mop sink closest, and behind an upright cooler. Inspectors ordered the daycare center to have a professional pest control company treat the facility.

These pictures are courtesy of Columbus Public Health. Those tiny dark objects you see are mouse dropping.

On Tuesday, inspectors did a follow-up inspection. The news isn’t good.

In its report, inspectors noted that “the presence of rodent droppings indicates an ongoing pest issue.” Inspectors stated that the daycare center needs to be re-treated and won’t be allowed to re-open until there is no evidence of mice.

Inspectors also uncovered the following issues in their first inspection.

Download PDF • 124KB
  • No disposable towels or electric hand-dryers in the bathrooms.

  • Buildup of dirt in the microwave and upright cooler.

  • Plumbing is not up to code.

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