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Health Inspectors Make An Unappetizing Discovery At Restaurant

NOVEMBER 4, 2021

MOUSE POOP! Health inspectors eyeball mouse droppings inside a bag of bread crumbs at Reynoldsburg restaurant.

Grabbed a bite to eat at the Asian Star China Buffet, went home and a few hours later became sick.

That’s how this complaint came in October 29 to the Columbus Public Health Dept. Food poisoning? Health inspectors were immediately deployed to 2770 Brice Rd. to find out.

According to this report, inspectors didn’t observe unsafe food temperatures or any other evidence to indicate food poisoning.

What inspectors did uncover forced the restaurant to shut its doors.

Multiple live roaches throughout the restaurant. Food prep area. Dry storage area. A dead mouse, traces of mouse poop in the dry storage area and inside an open bag of breadcrumbs.

Asian Star China Buffet brought in a pest control company, cleaned up the dead roaches and mouse poop and on Monday reopened its doors.

The restaurant remains under the watchful eye of the health department.

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