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Health Officials Temporarily Close Dublin Restaurant

For three days this month, Columbus Public Health forced Amul India Restaurant, 5871 Sawmill Rd., to stop serving food until it got some pesky insects under control.

I’m talking about a nasty bug that’s been around since dinosaurs walked our planet – cockroaches.

What health officials eyeballed during an inspection on October 3 forced the restaurant to close immediately. In their report, the inspector noted that they counted ten baby roaches, 15 small roaches, and five medium roaches throughout the kitchen. According to their report, the inspector spotted multiple dead bugs throughout the restaurant.

Two days later, on October 5, the inspector returned to see if the restaurant had made progress in ridding the building of the unwanted guests. In their report, the inspector noted that they observed multiple roaches throughout “different areas of the kitchen and dining area.” The restaurant remained closed.

As you will see in pictures provided to me by Columbus Public Health, some of these roaches are extremely large.

Amul India Restaurant eventually got the cockroaches under control and was permitted to reopen on October 6, but remains under the watchful eye of Columbus Public Health.

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