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High School Principals On Administrative Leave - Why?

The Sussi Report has confirmed that a pair of Pickerington high school school principals are on administrative leave and the target of an investigation.

What isn't known - for now - is why Stacy Tennenbaum, the principal at Pickerington High School Central, and Mark Ulbrich, the principal at Pickerington High School North, are on administrative leave.

Dr. Chris Briggs, Pickerington Schools Superintendent, emailed this statement today to a parent who inquired about the AWOL principals and why school officials failed to notify parents.

Dr. Chris Briggs

"Thank you for inquiring about the high school principals being placed on administrative leave. We are not permitted by law and respect to the due process of all involved to be able to share or discuss the reason for the administrative leave. No students or staff members were harmed in the incidents being investigated. Also, the individuals are not permitted to address any staff, students or community members during the investigation. Thank you again for your patience and I am confident the current building administrators will continue to provide support to students and staff."

Crystal Davis, the District's spokesperson, emailed The Sussi Report this statement: "Mrs Tennebaum and Mr. Ulbrich have been placed on administrative leave from their Principal positions, and temporarily reassigned to work at Central Administrative Offices while the District completes an independent investigation into non-related complaints involving each Principal. Prior to reassigning each Principal, the District made some arrangements to ensure sufficient administrative coverage was available at each High School."

Tennebaum, 51, has worked for Pickerington schools since 1994;Ulbrich was hired in 2014.

Note: If you have any information, don't hesitate to get in touch with The Sussi Report at And, of course, you can remain anonymous.

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