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House of Horrors: Dead Cats Stuffed Into Fridge

Cats, a lot of them, recently turned up missing in a Fairfield County neighborhood.

"One came up missing, then another, then another," said Brandy Rhonemus. "I had about four to six of mine that came up missing."

Rhonemus said this cat caper continued for the past four to six months. "I couldn't understand what was happening and why they were missing," she said.

Wheeling Street and Welsh Avenue in Lancaster

The work of coyotes? "That's what I thought at first," Rhonemus told The Sussi Report.

It turns out it wasn't the work of animalkind but humankind.

On Monday evening, Rhonemus made a gruesome discovery on the rear porch of an abandoned house at Wheeling Street and Welsh Avenue in Lancaster. "Close to 100 of them," Rhonemus estimated.

Cats, some of them wrapped in garbage bags and dirty rags, stuffed into the broken upright refrigerator like cords of firewood. "It was like something straight out of a horror movie," said Rhonemus. "The stench is breathtaking."

But what led Rhonemus to walk down the street and take a peek inside of the fridge? Rhonemus said she decided to follow her gut on a conversation she had a few months ago with a man who lives in the area.

"He told me that he cleaned up the neighborhood (of cats)," Rhonemus recalled. Rhonemus said the man provided specific gruesome details. "He said he wrung their necks, tortured them, wrapped them in towels, and threw them in the freezer. At first, I just thought he was drunk or something."

Rhonemus said she filed a report Tuesday with the Lancaster Police Dept. "I'm just sick. These are our fur babies."

If you have any information, please get in touch with the Lancaster Police Dept. at 740 687-6680.

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