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Local Mayor's Son Has History Of Violence

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Dwayne Kirk, the 38-year-old son of City of Obetz Mayor Angela Kirk, is accused of attacking a 35-year-old Grove City man earlier this month with a baseball bat.

Dwayne Kirk

But, as The Sussi Report discovered, it’s not the first time the mayor's son has been charged with felonious assault.

In September 2005, a Franklin County grand jury indicted Kirk and Thomas Speakman Jr. on felonious assault charges for severely beating up 26-year-old Matthew Parsley. The Sussi Report tracked a woman who witnessed the August 14, 2005, assault at Collier Park Apartments in Grove City. She agreed to talk with us if we protected her identity. “I definitely don’t want my name put out there because I worry about what he’s capable of, especially after watching him beat up my friend.”

She is referring to Dwayne Kirk.

The witness says Kirk, Speakman Jr., and Parsley were at a party and got into “a heated debate” about football. The woman says Kirk and Speakman Jr. punched Parsley, shoved him down apartment stairs, and continued to assault the man. "I started screaming for them to stop, but they kept kicking and punching him,” she recalls.

Our witness says that Parsley suffered a broken rib and facial injuries that required more than 40 stitches. “His lip was slit to where you could see his teeth," she recalls. "He got transported to the hospital. He was badly injured.”

Kirk pleaded guilty to the lesser offense of misdemeanor assault. He spent a day in jail, and the court ordered him to pay Parsley $3,000 in restitution.

On July 18, Grove City Police arrested and charged Kirk with felonious assault. The victim, 35-year-old Nate Sisson, says that Kirk assaulted him on July 17 with a baseball bat at the home of Kirk’s ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Miller.

According to Lynn Grandon, her son suffered four skull fractures, facial fractures, along with a broken jaw and lacerated ear. “He also had two brain bleeds,” says Grandon.

Sisson is home recovering from his injuries. Kirk, meanwhile, is free on a $10,085 bond.

“I wasn’t shocked that he (Kirk) did it again,” says the woman who witnessed the 2005 assault. “I figured it would happen again after how bad the first assault was.”

Grove City Police says the case against Kirk remains under investigation.

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