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Mass Exodus Underway at Franklin County Coroner's Office

We've all heard the childish one-liner about how "people are dying to get into morgues."

Well, sources tell The Sussi Report that employees are "dying to leave" the Franklin County Coroner's Office. "It's toxic," says a former employee who spoke with us on the condition that we would not identify them. "The foundation has been lost. The walls are crumbling because now you have your pathologists leaving."

Over the past month, our source says that four of the department's five deputy coroners have resigned. Dr. Maneesha Pandey and Dr. Kevin Jenkins are no longer employed at the Franklin County Coroner's Office, and Dr. Anne Shepler and Elaine Amoresano are scheduled to leave in April, according to our source.

"The Coroner (Dr. Anahi Ortiz) has turned the entire office upside down," says a homicide detective. "Her liberal policies have gone too far. We can't do our jobs without them (coroners)."

Dr. Anahi Ortiz

Our former employee tells The Sussi Report that the Franklin County Coroner's Office is already struggling to keep up with autopsies. "You're in a pile of hot shit," they say. "You can't keep up. There's no way they can be keeping up with two experienced pathologists who have already left."

The Sussi Report reached out to Dr. Anahi Ortiz for comment and answers to our questions. We're still waiting for her reply.

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