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Mayor McBeefy Drops His Guard And Face Mask In Face Mask-Free Zone

Recognize the beefy gentleman wearing the unbuttoned white dress shirt? It’s Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther.

A correspondent with The Sussi Report snapped this picture of the city’s commander-in-hypocrisy Friday night at Hudson 29 holding court at the bar with a couple of dudes including one guy sporting a man bun. (I know, much like those snapshots of Bigfoot, the image is a bit fuzzy, but The Sussi Report verified that it’s Mayor Andy Ginther).

In Upper Arlington, where the restaurant is located, wearing a face mask is optional. In the City of Columbus, people are mandated to wear them in all public indoor buildings whether they are vaccinated or not.

Furthermore, the city’s ordinance empowers Columbus Public Health to slap individuals and businesses with stiff fines who disobey the ordinance. You will get a warning for the first violation, a $100 penalty for the second violation, and a $250 fine for each subsequent offense. Businesses will receive a warning for the first violation, $500 for the second, and $1,000 for each subsequent violation.

So, whenever Mayor McBeefy isn’t in the mood to cover his mug, he summons his private security detail - Columbus Division of Police officers - to drive him over to Upper Arlington.

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