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Melt it Down Says Member of Committee Overseeing Fate Of Iconic Statue

OCTOBER 5, 2021

More than 65 years of history, tossed into a furnace and melted down into a chunk of bronze.

That’s what a member of the Christopher Columbus Statue Committee wanted to do with the iconic bust that stood in front of City Hall until last summer when Mayor Andy Ginther paid a campaign donor nearly $90,000 to remove it.

Landa Masdea Brunetto, who sits on the committee in charge of Chris’ fate, tells The Sussi Report that a committee member actually recommended the iconic statue be melted down and used to create another statue, something more politically correct. Attached is that clip. The entire interview will be posted Wednesday afternoon.

The Sussi Report has also learned that the Christopher Columbus statue is no longer carefully fastened to a flatbed trailer in a city garage, but laying on a concrete floor next to a pile of discarded boxes. The full story Wednesday afternoon.

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