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No Bond Required For Woman Who Assaulted Police Officer

The 26-year-old Columbus woman who assaulted a Clinton Township police officer is free without having to post bond.

Judge Karen Held Phipps

At Monday's arraignment, Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Judge Karen Held Phipps allowed Elisa Lide to walk on a $2,000 personal recognizance bond which means Lide only pays the court if she fails to show up for future proceedings. Lide is charged with assault and resisting arrest.

(For the record, Lide was required to post a $5,085 bond at her Franklin County Municipal Court arraignment in February.)

According to the incident report, on February 19, Lide became "disruptive" at a grocery store at 3353 Cleveland Ave. Clinton Twp. Police officer Keith Bales, working special duty that day, asked Lide to leave the store. She refused. When officer Bales asked Lide a second time to leave the store, Lide punched Officer Bales in the kisser.

Elisa Lide

According to an Inter-Office Communication sent from Officer Bales to Clinton Twp. Police Chief Michael Jones, Franklin County Asst. Prosecutor Brian Morgan wasn't going to pursue the case because Morgan didn't believe he could convince a jury to convict Lide of assault.

Officer Bales, according to the Inter-Office Communication obtained by The Sussi Report through a Public Records request, told Asst. Prosecutor Morgan, "I've been a police officer for over 20 years, and my record is clean, and are you telling me that an officer can get assaulted, and nothing happens? Wow, that is a problem. What happens when people find out that they can assault officers and get away with it? Officer Bales wrote that he then told Asst. Prosecutor Morgan to do his job and hung up the phone.

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No date has been set for Lide's preliminary hearing.

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