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No Bond Required For Woman Who Ducked Police For 9 Months; Charged With Shooting Son

It took nine months for the law to catch up with the Columbus woman charged with accidentally shooting her five-year-old son in both knees.

Trenise Turner

One day after the Columbus Division of Police arrested Trenise Turner, the 30-year-old woman walked out of the Franklin County Jail.

Here’s how it all went down.

Last July, a Franklin County grand jury indicted Turner on felonious assault, displaying or brandishing a firearm, and endangering children charges.

Police say that the intoxicated Turner got into a heated argument with some family members and pulled out a handgun. Turner told police as she attempted to stick the firearm back into her purse, the gun went off, striking her son through both knees.

Police arrested Turner on the spot. At her the arraignment, Franklin County Municipal Judge Eileen Paley set Turner’s bond at $5,058. Turner bailed out, and failed to return to court. So, on July 23, the court issued an arrest warrant for Turner.


While Turner was on the lam, the Columbus Division of Police said that on October 13, Turner assaulted her 33-year-old sister with a stick. Domestic violence charges were filed, and the court issued another warrant for Turner’s arrest.

On Tuesday, a week after The Sussi Report did a follow-up report on Trenise Turner, police arrested Turner and hauled her off to the Franklin County Jail. It was a short stay.

On Wednesday, at her Franklin County Court of Common Pleas arraignment for the three felonies surrounding the July shooting incident, the court allowed Turner to walk on a $10,000 reporting recognizance bond. In other words, Turner didn’t have to post a penny to get out of jail. The woman who ducked the law for nine months gave the court her word that she would return for all future proceedings.

Same story at Turner’s arraignment at the Franklin County Municipal Court on that domestic violence charge. No bond is required, just Turner’s word that she will return to court. Judge Jim O’Grady, however, did issue a notice to suspend or revoke Turner’s concealed carry permit.

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