Officers Charged From George Floyd Riot Getting Justice In Court

Updated: Jul 30

When the George Floyd rioters took over downtown Columbus during the Summer of 2020, the Dishonorable Mayor Andrew Ginther, along with his democratic cronies on City Council, did what all gutless politicians who wish to remain in public office do so they can pad their government pensions with our tax dollars: They caved in to the violent and destructive thugs and practically handed them a key to the city.

They ordered their police department to stand down.

They paid a company – a company that contributes to Ginther’s campaigns – about $90,000 to remove the iconic Christopher Columbus statue.

They paid a few dozen rioters $5.75 million, claiming police brutalized them and interfered with their civil rights.

And they hired retired FBI agent Rick Wozniak and special prosecutor Kathleen Garber to bring them the heads of Columbus Division of Police officers and make examples out of them to get the Black Lives Matter supporters off their spineless backs.

After months of interviewing rioters and officers and reviewing hours and hours of body and dash cam, surveillance cameras, and civilian iPhone videos, Wozniak and Garber charged three officers with misdemeanors like assault, dereliction of duty, and interfering with civil rights.

The charges are as lame as the people who filed them and the evidence behind them, and the truth is now

playing out in a court of law.

Today, the Columbus City Attorney's Office dropped charges against officer Traci Shaw. A week ago, Franklin County Municipal Court Judge James O'Grady found Sgt. Holly Kanode not guilty.

Next month, officer Phillip Walls is scheduled to stand trial on the same sort of dopey, trumped-up charges, and if the City Attorney's Office wants to save face, it'll drop those charges, too.

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