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Officers' Lives Carelessly Placed In Danger

Brandon Roje Johnson, the ex-con who got into a shootout on December 1 with Franklin County Sheriff Office deputies and Columbus Division of Police officers, should have been in jail not on the streets.

Brandon Johnson

Let me explain.

On October 5, according to a report filed with the Columbus Division of Police, the 30-year-old Johnson got into a heated argument with his 20-year-old girlfriend over the woman’s vehicle which he had been driving. When the young woman’s grandmother showed up at the house on Plumway Court to take her granddaughter to work, she told police that Johnson was holding “a handgun down by his leg.”

Johnson is an ex-con. He served four years in prison for burglary. He is not supposed to have firearms.

According to the report, the case was turned over to the Columbus City Prosecutor’s Office. The Sussi Report contacted City Attorney Zach Klein on Monday. Klein responded, “I’ve received the report. I’ll forward to (attorney) Melanie Tobias and inquire.”

We are still waiting to hear from attorney Melanie Tobias.

On December 1, Johnson got into a car accident on West Broad Street at 1-270. When police and deputies arrived on the scene, they said johnson headed for the hills and fired several shots at them.

None of the officers or deputies were hit. Johnson was shot at least once in the lower body and is at the Grant Medical Center. His injuries are non-life-threatening.

Johnson is charged with four counts of felonious assault.

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