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OSHP Troopers Arrest CPD Officer

Updated: Mar 13

On January 3, at 9:05 p.m., an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper arrested and charged a Columbus Division of Police officer with operating a vehicle under the influence, drag racing, and speeding.

Officer Trier Alexis Knieper

According to records filed in Franklin County Municipal Court, officer Trier Alexis Knieper, 27, was driving her 2017 Subaru station wagon at 100 miles per hour on westbound I-270 at milepost 27. The posted speed is 65.

Officer Knieper, according to the report, refused to take a breathalyzer test.

A source said that Officer Knieper was racing a friend who was also arrested. When the trooper confronted Officer Knieper, my source said that Officer Knieper flashed her CPD badge.

Officer Knieper’s pre-trial is scheduled for March 8.

On Thursday, I requested a copy of the trooper's body and dash cam video, and will post it when I receive it. I also contacted CPD for a copy of Officer Knieper's personnel file, and a statement about the incident. To date, CPD has not responded.

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