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Police Breakup Bench-Clearing Brawl At High School Football Game

It seems that a Friday night doesn’t go by in Central Ohio without a high school football game marred by gunshots or fistfights.

Bench-clearing brawl Friday night at Pickerington North High School

The latest incident unfolded Friday at Pickerington North High after the Panthers scored late in the fourth quarter to take a 24-21 lead over visiting Groveport Madison High. According to a Pickerington North High band member parent, both benches emptied with one second left in the game after a Groveport Madison player shoved a Pickerington North player.

“The Groveport bench cleared, followed by Pickerington North,” recalled the parent who asked not to be identified. “One big massive pack of people. Coaches and school staff were trying to get control. Next thing you see is Groveport parents on the field getting involved.”

Our eye witness said a Groveport Madison player slugged a Pickerington North coach. “Someone from Groveport put that player in a headlock and carried him off the field,” he said. “It was massive chaos.”

So chaotic that school officials summoned the police to defuse the situation before matters got worse. "Police came flying in from every direction by car," said our eye witness. He said officers escorted Groveport Madison High players into their locker rooms to gather their belongings and onto the buses. "

The Sussi Report will follow up today with the Pickerington Police Dept. and Pickerington North High School officials.

Friday night’s game was streamed live over the internet. Here is a clip when the two benches cleared.

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