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Police Search Avengers Motorcycle Club's Clubhouse

The Avengers Motorcycle Club clubhouse on N. Guilford Avenue bustled this evening with police activity.

Avengers Motorcycle Club, N. Guilford Avenue

Armed with a search warrant, Columbus Division of Police detectives thoroughly combed the clubhouse while officers stood guard outside the two-story structure. A K-9 officer with the Dept. of Natural Resources was also on the scene.

Sources say the search is related to Monday night’s shooting at the Old Landmark Tavern on Rumsey Road that left two men dead and three others wounded.

When I arrived on the scene around 6:30 p.m., CPD personnel were wrapping up their search and preparing to leave. One of the investigators carried out a large paper bag. What it contained is unknown.

Note: On the left side of the Avengers' clubhouse are bright yellow letters - A F F A. They stand for Avengers Forever, Forever Avengers. On the right side of the house are the letters - L A D A. They stand for Live Avenger, Die Avenger.

If you have any information about Monday night's shooting, contact the Columbus Division of Police.

Video clip from Tuesday's CPD search at the Avengers Clubhouse.

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