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Police Solve Mystery of Dead Cats Stuffed Into Fridge

Since my report last week, your minds have been wandering about why several dead cats turned up stuffed into a refrigerator at an abandoned house at the corner of West Wheeling Street and North Welsh Avenue in Lancaster.

The Lancaster Police Dept. investigated, and according to Chief Nick Snyder, his detectives found no evidence to suggest that the animals were maliciously killed. Chief Snyder told The Sussi Report that his detectives spoke with a woman, who he described as a cat hoarder, and she said that the animals died of natural causes.

Now let's answer the question on many of your minds: why were the cats discarded in the fridge? The woman told detectives that she didn't have the means to dispose of the cats more conventionally, like taking them to a veterinarian.

You might think that discarding animals in an abandoned refrigerator is a crime, but you would be wrong. There is nothing in the Ohio Revised Code, said Chief Snyder, that states disposing of animals in this matter is a crime.

Chief Snyder said he contacted the Lancaster City Building Dept. to see if there is something the office can do about disposing of the rotting animals, which according to neighbors, smell awful.

Note: I was contacted today by a Cruelty Caseworker with PETA so I suppose they, too, are investigating this case as there are lots of unanswered questions.

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