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Principal's Leave of Absence Linked To Student Accused of Sexual Assault?

The mystery of why the Pickerington Local School District placed Pickerington High School North principal Mark Ulbrich on administrative leave last month is becoming clearer.

According to a pair of reports filed with the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office, a former 15-year-old Pickerington High School North student is accused of sexually assaulting a girl, and sexually harassing a boy.

On January 13, the teen is accused of importuning - soliciting a minor to engage in sexual activity. In this case, the suspect approached a seven-year-old boy riding a school bus, according to the report. The report doesn't provide details of the incident but lists Ulbrich and Emily Martin, a bus driver for Petermann Bus Services, as witnesses. Pickerington Local Schools contracts with Petermann for its bus services.

Principal Mark Ulbrich

On June 9, 2021, the teen is accused of sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl at the Huntington Hills Recreation Club. Deputies, according to the report, collected a bathing suit for evidence and a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner collected DNA.

The father of the eight-year-old girl told The Sussi Report that "the situation is being handled" and he has no comment.

The 15-year-old suspect is the son of Lancaster High School principal Scott Burre and Kristi Burre, the Director of Children's Initiatives for Gov. Mike DeWine. Kristi Burre is also the former Director of Protective Services for Fairfield County Job and Family Services.

Sources tell The Sussi Report that it's not the first time the teenager has been accused of molesting children. Sources say the teen no longer attends schools in the Pickerington District.

The Sussi Report emailed a copy of the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office report along with questions to Crystal Davis, the Public Relations Coordinator for the Pickerington Local School District. Davis says the District is preparing a statement.

Davis did confirm that Pickerington High School Central principal Stacy Tennenbaum returned to work today after the District placed the 27-year District employee on administrative leave on January 28.

Download PDF • 83KB

In this statement, the District states that on January 27, Tennenbaum "made a statement that could be perceived as culturally insensitive" and that the District will provide Tennenbaum with "cultural sensitivity training."

The District's statement also includes this comment from Tennenbaum.

Principal Stacy Tennenbaum

Dear Staff:

"I am thankful to be returning to my role as building principal. The investigation into what occurred on January 27, 2022, will continue, as it should. On January 28, I informed the district office that I made a comment that was perceived as culturally insensitive. The remark was in reference to an interaction with a student with whom I have spent countless hours building a relationship. No matter the outcome of the investigation, I will seek out additional cultural sensitivity training to better understand how my words and actions impact students from all backgrounds. I also realize that there may be other requirements for me and that I may be disciplined at the conclusion of the investigation, which I understand and will accept as a result of my actions. Pickerington High School Central is an awesome building with amazing students and staff, and I remain committed to being a leader and role model for all of you and PLSD.

Be Awesome, Stacy Tennenbaum Principal Pickerington High School Central."

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