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Restaurant Allowed To Reopen After Cockroach Infestation

On August 29, an inspector with Columbus Public Health dropped by Hibachi Express, 6099 McNaughten Ctr., to investigate a complaint from a diner.

It didn't take the inspector long to figure out what left a bad taste in the diner's mouth about the restaurant.

Photo Courtesy of Columbus Public Health.

In their report, the inspector noted that they eyeballed both live and dead roaches and roach poop at the service counter, walk-in cooler, food prep table, dry storage, stand-alone coolers, togo station, and shelving units throughout the entire facility.

The inspector counted 51 live young roaches, 20 adult roaches, and 22 egg sacs. According to the report, the inspector observed several insects crawling on the restaurant's walls.

Photos Courtesy of Columbus Public Health.

The inspector ordered the restaurant to close until it got a handle on the roaches and thoroughly cleaned a "heavy accumulation of dust, dirt, and food debris" throughout the kitchen area. The inspector wrote, "the physical facilities were not maintained in good repair."

Hibachi Express addressed the inspector's concerns, and on September 1, CPH permitted the restaurant to reopen.

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