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Restaurants Warned To Clean Up Their Act

It’s not Defcon 1, but a pair of restaurants have Administrative Hearings on December 9 with Franklin County Public Health for repeated critical violations and “failure to maintain minimum standards of the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code.”

Yes, health officials could suspend their licenses, even take steps to revoke them, but here is the likely scenario: The restaurant’s managers will meet with health officials, submit a plan of action and immediately address the violations.

Let’s begin with La Cascada, 375 Georgesville Rd., a restaurant I frequently reported on during my years working for lamestream media.

In this case, the concern is over these grease waste units in the back of the restaurant.

In their report, the inspector noted that the grease must be appropriately disposed of rather than “rinsed down outside drains.” The conditions, stated the inspector, “attract or harbor insects and rodents.”

Over to KFC, 4828 W. Broad St. In their report, the inspector noted that the cooking equipment, ovens, freezers, soda machine, ice machine, microwave, and floors all need a “thorough cleaning.” These pictures, provided by Franklin County Public Health, better illustrate the filthy condition of the restaurant.

Franklin County Public Health issued Warning Letters to Little Caesars, 534 S. State Street in Westerville, and Tee Jaye’s Country Place, 1880 Stringtown Rd. in Grove City.

In their report, the health inspector noted that Little Caesars, the entire facility from ceilings to floors, “needs cleaning.” The restaurant, according to the report, did not have an “updated food license."

On November 24, inspectors noted that Tee Jaye’s Country Place had an issue

Tee Jaye's Country Place, 1880 Stringtown Rd.

with rodents. In their report, the inspector wrote that rodents gnawed through a package of bread. The inspector also eyeballed rodent turds on floors, shelves, walk-in cooler, and food prep areas.

If Little Caesars and Tee Jaye’s Country Place fail to correct the violations, they both could be ordered to attend Administrative Hearings.

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