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Social Media Investigation Cost Taxpayers Thousands of Dollars

In July 2020, at the height of the George Floyd riots, Columbus city officials hired law firm BakerHostetler to review tweets posted by Columbus Division of Police Deputy Chief Ken Kuebler and determine if any of those tweets violated Division policies.

Deputy Chief Ken Kuebler

Here are a few examples of what Deputy Chief Kuebler tweeted.

“Here we go. Columbus City Council is now throwing its support entirely behind the criminals destroying our city. The daughter of a US senator lying about what is happening in our downtown.”

“Council President Shannon Hardin demonstrates the exact definition of implicit bias, calling the very existence of the police inherently violent. His statement is part outright lies, and part political gobblety speak.”

“We are now 50 minutes into Columbus City Council meeting, and not one member has expressed outrage at the criminals looting, burning, and destroying our communities. It’s still the officers’ fault. Council members are knowingly lying to the public.”

On June 24, 2022, nearly two years after the Dept. of Public Safety greenlighted Twittergate, Robert W. Clark, the department’s Director, closed the investigation.

Download PDF • 6.39MB

The investigation cost taxpayers $13,379.02.

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