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Suspect In Grisly Murder Has Violent Past With Victim

OCTOBER 4, 2021

VIOLENT PAST WITH VICTIM Ex-con Eric Ward served time at the Franklin County Corrections Center in 2019-2020 for assaulting Allyson Lorenz.

Murdered in cold blood, meticulously dismembered, and wrapped in black plastic.

First responders who arrived at 1834 Banshan Dr. last Wednesday morning tell The Sussi Report that the crime scene eerily resembles something out of Dexter, a popular television show about a clever, deranged serial killer named, Dexter Morgan.

Something else creepy about this case, is the suspect, 33-year-old Eric Ward, has a violent past with the victim, 32-year-old Allyson Lorenz.

In February of 2019, a grand jury indicted Ward on kidnapping, felonious assault, and domestic violence charges with repeat violent offender specification. Police say that Ward held Lorenz against her will at Lorenz’s condo on Banshan Drive, and assaulted Lorenz over a period of several days.

Ward pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in 2020, and in return, the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office dropped the other charges including the repeat violent offender specification. Ward served 667 days at the Franklin County Corrections Center.

MURDERED AND DISMEMBERED Suspect is no stranger to Allyson Lorenz.

Ward, whose history of domestic violence goes back to 2007, served six years in prison for felonious assault, abduction and receiving stolen property for a 2009 case which included domestic violence charges.

When deputies executed a search warrant at Banshan Drive last Wednesday for drug trafficking complaints, deputies say Ward along with a few other people were inside the victim’s condo, not far from the dead body.

Tonight, Ward is behind bars at the Franklin County Jail.

The day after deputies discovered Lorenz’s dismembered body, police arrested Ward on a warrant for an incident on September 25. Ward’s former live-in girlfriend, Shiree Brown, says Ward “beat her with extension cords” over a period of days at Ward’s apartment on Ranchwood Drive. According to this complaint filed with the Columbus Division of Police, the 33-year-old woman ran away and called police.

Five days later, deputies found Ward with Allyson Lorenz’s dead body.

Ward’s preliminary hearing is set for October 8. Ward also faces drug possession charges from an unrelated case last January. According to the police report, police found crack cocaine on Ward during a traffic stop. Court records show Ward was driving under suspension, too.

The investigation continues into the murder of Allyson Lorenz, and of course, The Sussi Report will keep you updated.

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