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Text Messages Discussing Columbus Division of Police Business Purged

The Sussi Report recently gave you a peek behind the curtain into what transpired at a three-day Columbus Division of Police brainstorming retreat in February at Nationwide Arena’s Founders Club. (The report is posted on Top Stories).

In an email, Asst. Chief Gregory Bodker sent on February 25 to Chief Elaine Bryant, 1st Asst. Chief LaShanna Potts, Deputy Chief Jennifer Knight, and Deputy Chief Smith Weir, Asst. Chief Bodker expressed concern over text messages he received from Division personnel.

Deputy Chief Gregory Bodker

Asst. Chief Bodker wrote, “I must say that I was disappointed this afternoon when I started receiving details texts from various personnel about what was discussed at the retreat. I hope that I don’t need to share that as executives’ confidentiality is important. We can discuss further upon my return, or you’re welcome to call this weekend.”

We will never know the nature of those text messages.

On Saturday, The Sussi Report submitted a Public Records Request to the Columbus Division of Police Public Records Unit. We asked for copies of text messages produced and received on February 23, 24, and 25 from both Asst. Chief Bodker’s Division-issued cell phone and private cell phone.

On Monday morning, The Sussi Report received this email from the Public Records Unit. “There are no records responsive to your request. While you are correct that text messages are a public record, they can be purged pursuant to our RC-2 (retention schedule). The texts were purged pursuant to the schedule number 16-2 Transient Documents. The retention period for transient documents is “until no further administrative value.”

Who sent Asst. Chief Bodker the text messages? What did they say? Why were the messages so quickly purged?

The answers to those questions, at least for now, remain a mystery.

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