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When It Comes To Youth Violence, Both Parents and Lamestream Media Are Broken Records

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

On July 10, Erin Conley attended a vigil for her son, 18-year-old Nelson Conley Jr., who was shot to death three days earlier near Ellsworth Avenue.

Conley told Lamestream media that her son was far from a perfect human being. "No, he wasn't perfect," said Conley, "but he was my child. Nobody's perfect. Nobody's perfect. Nobody should have to die the way he did."

Nelson Conley Jr. and Erin Conley

Conley claimed that she did everything in her power to keep her son on the straight and narrow. "Me and his father did everything we could to talk to our child and let him know that anything and everything that you're doing – not worth it," she said.

What Conley and Lamestream media did not tell you is that Nelson Conley Jr. was a menace to society.

The Sussi Report combed through 32 incident reports filed with the Columbus Division of Police that we obtained through a Public Records Request. We uncovered a disturbing criminal resume that included armed robbery, burglary, auto theft, and assault.

According to those reports, Conley Jr. committed his first crime on December 27, 2019, two days after Christmas. Police said the 15-year-old walked into a bedroom on Miller Avenue, pulled out a black revolver, demanded the man's wallet, which according to the report, contained $3,000, and ran off.

The victim was Nelson E. Baker, Conley Jr.'s father.

What Lamestream media and Erin Conley did not tell you is that Conley Jr. lived in foster care homes for at least two years and spent time at The Buckeye Ranch, a treatment center for troubled kids.

And what Lamestream media and Erin Conley did not tell you is that she had trouble controlling her son and told police she no ;onger wanted to be his legal guardian.

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On January 30, Erin Conley called the Columbus Division of Police. Conley told the officers that Conley Jr. and her younger son were "being disrespectful and banging on her bedroom door." She told the officers that "she is tired of both of them" and doesn't "want them in her home anymore."

In the report, she told the officers that she is Conley Jr.'s legal guardian, no longer wants custody of him, and planned to call the Franklin County Children Services and relinquish her custodial rights. Conley told the officers that Conley Jr. doesn't want to live with her and "mainly lives over at a different friend's house."

Conley said that her younger son lives with his father.

At the vigil on July 10, Conley told Lamestream media that we must do a better job of keeping guns out of kids' hands. "These guns need to be taken off the streets," she said. "Period. These kids are 16, 14, 14 with guns!"

She told Lamestream media that the Franklin County Juvenile Court is too lenient with young criminals. "They're (youth offenders) getting slapped on the wrists and let right back out in the streets," she said. "Instead of holding them accountable for their actions. My son included."

Keith Waddell, the boy, accused of killing Nelson Conley Jr., is 16.

Keith Waddell

We must do better to keep guns out of kids' hands. And without a doubt, the Franklin County Juvenile justice system is broken and must be fixed.

But what about the parents of these kids, both the suspects and victims of gun violence?

Are they not, in part, responsible for this juvenile crime epidemic on the streets of Columbus? Shouldn't they shoulder some of the blame? Do they need to do a better job of raising law-abiding citizens?

Lamestream media won't ask these questions. Instead, they ignore the Real, Raw, and Relevant questions and report on vigils.

Here is Lamestream media's report on the Nelson Conley Jr.'s vigil.

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