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Wrestling Matches With Inmates Cost Deputies Their Jobs

Inmates compete against their jailers on the wrestling mat.

It sounds like the makings of a movie, like The Longest Yard, in which corrections officers battled the inmates in a football game.

This isn’t Hollywood musings; it happened at the Fairfield County Jail,

organized wrestling matches between corrections officers and inmates.

The Sussi Report confirmed Wednesday night that two deputies resigned before their disciplinary hearings, a third corrections officer was terminated following his pre-disciplinary conference, and a fourth employee who knew about the matches but did not blow the whistle on his colleagues was slapped with an unpaid ten-day suspension.

Fairfield County Sheriff Alex Lape tells The Sussi Report that the matches were agreed upon between the corrections officers and inmates. “Regardless,” says Sheriff Lape, “it was ridiculous and totally unacceptable behavior.”

Expect a follow-up to our report soon. Perhaps we will even have some video of those gladiators battling it out on the mats.

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