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Youth Football League Covers Up Shooting

On Monday, the Legacy Youth Football League posted a statement on its Facebook page informing coaches, players, and parents that there was a "senseless act of violence" last Saturday at Walnut Ridge High School during a game that "put many innocent children and their families in danger."

Columbus Division of Police investigates shootout at youth football game.

The league offered no details about this "senseless act of violence." Unable to get answers from the league, a few parents contacted The Sussi Report. These parents have a right to know what went down last weekend that prodded the league to post this message.

I contacted the league through its Facebook page but never heard back. Next, I reached out to the Columbus Division of Police. It turns out officers were called, and they filed a report.

According to the report, two guys got into an argument near the football field entrance where Pick Elite and the Gem City Buckeyes were playing. The players are nine years old and under.

The men, according to witnesses, pulled out handguns and started shooting at one another. A parent tells The Sussi Report that he heard about ten shots.

By the grace of God, none of the errant bullets hit a player, coach, or spectator. According to the police report, rounds struck two vehicles and a house. Witnesses say the gunmen jumped in their cars and bolted before police arrived.

It's unclear who these men are and why they were hanging out at Walnut Ridge High School. Perhaps they have kids who participate in the league? I don't have answers.

A parent we spoke with says Grove City entered the League Youth Football League this year in the 11 and under age group. She tells The Sussi Report that her son plays on the team, and she prays that they will join another league next season.

"I mean, the parking lots are an issue at these games," she says. "We have seen verbal arguments and pot-stirring (between the teams). It is great competition for the kids. But it is not worth their safety."

Another parent tells The Sussi Report that the league needs to provide security at the games. "It would make a difference," he says.

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